I was born in 1962 in Malta of english parents. My family returned to England in 1965 and settled in Somerset in the south-west, where we lived until I finished school/college.

I was interested in music from quite an early age, partly due to natural inclination, and partly due to my environment. My three elder sisters all learned piano and practised after school and my Father, who plays well by ear, often played in the evening - mostly songs from Broadway hit shows and songs from the 1920s and thirties when he was growing up. When I was a small boy he managed the local provincial theatre in Street, Somerset and I had many opportunities to take part in amateur musical productions, as well as going to see professional ones.



"The instruments made by Rohan Lowe continue the great tradition of Tarrega...

...I have been playing your guitar and it is wonderful!

It is an instrument which provides me with every possible tonal colour...

...nothing came close to this guitar for sheer enjoyment of playing."

I am still entirely happy with the instrument after 8 years. It sounds beautiful..."


Prices/Ordering 2015/16

If you are interested in ordering a guitar, and would like to discuss options, or arrange an appointment to try an instrument, please get in touch. I try to keep some guitars in stock for demonstration, so if you have not had the opportunity to try one of my guitars before, you may do so. These stock guitars are also available for sale. If you would like to have something made, then you may choose from the various models I make and customise to your requirements of scale-length, materials, sound style or other personal preferences.