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Dominik Johnson

Dominik Johnson has recently collected his 1940 Bream/Hauser I model.

"I've been in love with the sound of Julian Bream's guitar music since I was a teenager. So when the time came for me to have a Spanish Guitar made I wanted to work with a luthier who had worked with Julian Bream and who had worked on his "1940 Hauser" instrument. I was very impressed with Rohan's craftsmanship when I tried a number of his other Guitars back in 2015/16 so I visited his workshop down in the lovely town of Lewes and was so impressed with his Hauser/Bream copy that I commissioned one from him immediately. Six months later it's now in my hands and I'm about to record a new soundtrack album with it in the studio. It's a stunning instrument with all the characteristics of a Hauser (low resonance, smooth top-end, lightly built, slightly old-world sound and a dream to play). Rohan has a wonderful, sensitive touch when building instruments and the whole process was a wonderful experience with him from discussing wood grains, design ideas, feel and tone colours. He was always on hand to answer questions, give construction or cosmetic suggestions. I've worked with all kinds of luthiers all over the world and he's one of the best! Thanks for a wonderful instrument Rohan! Dom "

John Mills

John Mills has used my guitars in the past for both solo and ensemble concerts.

"The instruments made by Rohan Lowe continue the great tradition of Tarrega, and are superbly clear in sound with wonderful separation of voices, but at the same time having a warmth for more expressive romantic repertoire."

Cobie Mills

Cobie Mills first came into contact with my guitars while husband John Mills was borrowing one from me, using it herself for performances and a demo. recording.

"I have found the guitars of Rohan Lowe ideal both for solo recital performances and chamber music, in terms of their tone and carrying power."

Recently Cobie commissioned a new X-braced classical guitar from me.

" ...I have been playing your guitar and it is wonderful!
There is so much character in the sound and the bass is so warm, it is developing all the time and it is very comfortable to play."

Simon Davies

Simon plays a guitar which he bought in 2006.

Rohan's guitar is wonderful. It is an instrument which provides me with every possible tonal colour, sweetness of tone and effortless power. But above all, every time I pick it up, it still suprises me!

Michael Hulmes

Michael has been playing his spruce/indian rosewood guitar for 17 years now and he tells me the sound is still developing.

"Everywhere I play I get comments on the clarity, volume and beauty of the guitar. Before visiting Rohan I had tried out a dozen fantastic models from around the world, but nothing came close to this guitar for sheer enjoyment of playing."

Paul Gregory

Paul owned several of my guitars in the early part of my guitar making career.

"The quality of tone and power has repeatedly provoked comment and interest. In my view the important factors that constitute a fine instrument
are the ratio between tone quality and volume, combined with playability, all of which my instrument has in abundance.

Over the years I have witnessed Rohan's output of instruments, some of which have been among the very best concert guitars that I have ever had the pleasure to play. Anyone who has seen these instruments will tell you that the craftsmanship and aesthetic design are exemplary."

John Feeley

John Feeley, Irelands leading classical guitarist got to know my instruments early in my career as a maker. In 2008 he purchased a new spruce/indian rosewood guitar.

"Rohan turns out a very fine guitar, beautifully crafted, with a
well-balanced and a lovely tone."

Osam Yoshida

Sendai Japan

The qualities I like on Rohan's guitar are these;
(1) Sound is big and has possibilities. Especially the treble (2nd) I like.
Easy to put my heart and soul into one note.
(2) When playing chords, there is good separation of voices.
(3) The quality of the wood of which you used for the guitar is high.
(4) The tuning machine are very nice. Design is very handsome.
(5) The guitar suits all kinds of music and especially Baroque music.

Eurico Pereira


I am a proud owner of one of your guitars, built in 2005, which I bought from Miles Roberts. I noticed you mentioned me on your website, which is for me a great honour!

I am writing because yesterday I recorded a video and posted it on youtube where your instrument is very visible and, although the sound from the camera isn't great, it's enough to show the guitar's many qualities.

I am still entirely happy with the instrument after 8 years. It sounds beautiful, it's reliable and solid. Its the guitarist, really, who needs improvement to maximize it :)My best wishes for your current guitar making, I hope one day I will have the chance to meet you personally.



Hong Tee


"Your guitar is just marvelous! Thx for building me such a nice guitar, I really enjoy it!"

"I find Rohan's guitar has beautiful tone and is rich in

colours. The separation of voices is clear and very easy to play. All

these features are really important in helping me to play a recital and

express the music effortlessly. It's so wonderful to have his guitar."